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1. Slogan competition and poster presentation

            The Slogan competition and poster presentation events on Energy conservation were conducted in the campus on 28.09.12. More than 90 students of all the departments participated in the competition. The best slogan and posters were selected and certificates were given to the students. The director and Principal of our college distributed the prizes to the winners.

2. Implementation of Energy Audit cell recommendations

            The energy audit cell recommended the usage of Energy efficient LED lamps in the college campus. The use of LED lamps in the college instead of Sodium vapour lamps will save considerable power. The management has installed the recommended LED lamps in the college campus. According to the recommendations of EAC the A/C’s of our college were operated at temperature of 260C. The usage of LED lights in the corridor is under progress.

3. Designing of energy efficient Lamps

            As the cost of LED lamps available in the market are very high it is decided to design our own lamps. The most of the LED lamps used in the college campus were designed in our college itself. The staffs and technical assistants are involved in designing those lamps. It also gives good results when comparing to the commercially available LED lamps but at low cost.         

4. Energy Audit in college campus

            Six students of EEE Department along with the energy audit cell members conducted a walk through energy audit in the college. The data about the electrical and electronics appliances used in the college campus is collected, the details of power consumption for the past few months also collected. They covered the whole campus classrooms, office, Labs, Hostel, Mess, and Canteen etc. All the power consuming equipment’s are analysed and the chances for power conservation were identified. The recommendation’s for power conservation was also given.