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* To become a World Class Institution.
* To constantly strive towards modernisation and excellence in infrastructure and facilities.
* To consistently achieve and maintain excellence in student performance in terms of; 
          * Discipline
          * Grades
          *  Placement 
          *  Extra-curricular activities
          *  Social work
* To consistently achieve and maintain a high level of quality of the Faculty in terms of;
          *  Educational qualifications
          *  Teaching competence
          *  Research output
          *  Innovation
          *  Leadership
          *  Excellence in administration
          *  Mentoring


1. Receives feedback from different stakeholders for      betterment of the college.
2. To organize faculty development programs.
3. To conduct internal audit for quality assurance.
4. Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching, learning and evaluation.
5. Ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and   financial tasks.
6. Distribution of information on quality aspects.
7. Evolution and application of quality benchmark/parameters in various activities of the institution.
8. Recording and monitoring quality measure of the institution.
9. Organizing of discussion, workshops, seminars and promotion of quality aspects.
10. Acting as a nodal agency of the institution for quality related activities Preparation of AQARs.